Welcome to LARP4Life – the LARP Community Store, Shop, Trading Post, Cool Place To Be!

Here at LARP4Life, we aim to support the non-profit LARP Alliance, Inc. and, in effect, the community by providing LARP-relevant services and products (books, music, clothing, LARP gear, and all kinds of fun and useful things). Proceeds mainly go towards paying website and community promotion costs, weapon repair (to fix the weapons that get worn down by people borrowing them at fighter practices – we assist multiple branches too) and transportation costs (to get NPCs, staff, and new players to games and events). Many services are provided to the LARP Alliance / LARP community for free by volunteers, but if we can make it easier on them, and be able to develop better ways of helping more people, more efficiently, then consider this one of the best ways to help us do that. We aim to grow LARP4Life, so see what we have to offer and check back regularly! We also post updates and specials on the LARP Alliance group on Facebook