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    About LARP Space

    Everyone on this site plays some role in the great "LARP Machine". Community sites generally gather everyone in the world up into one lump. They force them to seek out their solice with others who share similar interests with often-times lacking search tools and contact means, making it hard to discern what's relevant and what's not. Important contacts and information are rarely given a clear path to their proper places, and likewise, the dreams find themselves slipping away as they go unnoticed.

    LARP Space, like other hobby and lifestyle-specific community sites, aim to change this. Hard work and a lot of heart go into getting it off the ground and keeping it alive and well. LARP Space started small, but our hope is that it will continue to grow and expand in features and opportunities, becoming the most helpful, interactive, online source for all those who wish to get more involved in the fun and challenge of becoming something other, and more so, something better, than what you are.

    We all enjoy enhancing our physical, social, mental, and showmanship skills, and all those who have done LARP (live action role-play), Cosplay (where you act like your character along side looking the part), Historical Re-enactment, and Improv Acting fit the profile of those who receive all those benefits when they participate in one of those activities. This community is open to everyone who is interested in enhacing these skills, and finding company while you do it.

    All are welcome!

    *For more information on who we are and what we do, please visit LARP Alliance


    Account Help

    If you have lost your account information (user name, site name, and password):

    Retrieve a lost password through the Password Recovery Tool.

    Change a password through the Change Password Tool.

    If you are still having account issues, please send an email (using the email you set your account up with) to:

    * If you have any other concerns or issues, email us at: xatrian @ yahoo.com (remove spaces) or you can send a LARP Space message to: Adrianne Grady.


    Reporting Abuse